Mobile App "KeKelit"

Mobile Apps
February 2015
KeKelit Pulpmedia

Along with pulpmedia, an Austrian agency specialized in online marketing, an app for KeKelit was created. The international company specializes in the development and production pipe systems, the main purpose of the app is to display information about different product families (PDFs, images, text), news and locations of KeKelit production sites around the world.

A feature that makes the app unique is the built-in calculations function that can be used to find out all the numbers and values required for correctly installing KeKelit pipe systems – a complicated process that had to be done manually so far. Since all the formulars that these calculatios are based on are stored on KeKelit’s servers (and are not hard-coded into the app itself), KeKelit can easily update them without having to deploy an actual app update in the app stores.

The KeKelit app was built with Adobe AIR in combination with the magnificent open-source frameworks Starling and Feathers, which enables it to run on iOS and Android without having to create separate apps for both of these mobile operating systems.