Project management tool "nest"

The acronym nest stands for nerdybirdy’s exchange and support tool.

It is a system designed for minimizing the communications overload that otherwhise grows with the project size and the amount of members involved. In short, nest informs its user exclusively about project updates that actually matter to them at the time.


Why nest?

The most common ways of communicating updates about projects in the making are meetings, e-mails and phone calls. There’s a good reason for all of those methods of exchanging the status of a project, but they’re also quite static and turn out to be inefficient pretty quickly in more complex projects.

For example, if nobody manifests what’s been discussed in a meeting or on a phone call in some way, it will probably get lost and forgotten at a later time. One thing for sure, it will not be available for anyone who hasn’t paid attention at that time without some action taken by the people originally involved in the meeting or the phone call.

Therefore, sending follow-ups is a common practice shortly after a project issue has been discussed. They contain a compiled version of the issues mentioned, and to make them accessible at later times, they’re usually in written form and sent to each of the involved project members.

But what if you’re on the move and want to share a quick picture taken with your smartphone and share it to everyone involved in the inspirational part of creating a design for a project? The picture is taken, maybe sent on Whatsapp or by e-mail, and if not saved elsewhere, lost after time. Kind of sucks.


What nest does

In a nutshell, nest is your place to go for getting the status of a project or updating it yourself. No more looking up e-mail addresses or organizing folders with files in your inbox on your harddrive, it’s all been taken care of.

It works as a connected and smart system handling issues (you may want to call it ticketing) popping up during doing a project together, that are mostly for all of the project’s members, but could be internal (secret) for a selected group of them. Issues can be assigned to certain project members, who will then be notified as soon as other members update the issue in a way that’s relevant for them.


Starting in September 2015, nest will be used to communicate with nerdybirdy’s clients who will not pay a dime for its usage!