Installation "sound table"

The sound table realized for the voestalpine Stahlwelt (steel world) museum in Linz is an interactive touchscreen installation created with RecFex. Visitors can create songs with sounds that were recorded in the voestalpine steel production plant, behind-the-curtains-style. Following the principle of a step sequencer, these sounds can be layered and arranged in thousands of ways – creating unique songs out of rhythm patterns.

By using the headphones that are part of the installation, visitors can get visual and acoustic live-feedback while they create their song using the touch screen interface designed and programmed by nerdybirdy. When they’re done, the song can then be saved and made available for other creators and even be rendered and sent as an MP3 file via e-mail.

The installation is still (September 2015) a part of the exhibition, so visit the voestalpine Stahlwelt and create your own song!